Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TIF and odds and ends...

I haven't done anything yet for this month's TIF. I have taken pictures of the various places where I work:
The first two locations are my office at work--my computer monitor and my ever changing file cabinet. The files in side are all business (really!) Actually, so is the mess on my desk.

The green chair is where I do most of my work, surrounded by piles of books. If I need table space, I use a very sturdy adjustable ironing board. The advantage is that I can raise or lower it as I wish to sit or stand. It's wearing it's plastic cover because I was gluing and stamping. Last is my stove-top photo gallery. This is where I take most of my indoor pix--the window next to the stove faces south and has the best light we get in the house. I decided not to take a photo of my piles of boxes in the basement--my storage area.

My plan is to print these images reversed (done) and fuse them to Wonder-Under and then remove the paper and fuse them to fabric for my page. That's as far as I've gotten with my planning. I need to see how the images on the Wonder Under look--I'm hoping for a rather old and faded effect. I think I want to do a crazy quilt sort of design because my workspace is a hodge-podge.

I did do some other things besides rust last weekend. Each year I need to make several holiday ornaments for exchanges, gifts, and displays. I did this one mostly in one long evening...pulled thread on canvas. It's always fun to experiment with pulled thread stitches. It's a little harder on canvas and my hands did hurt the next morning, but I like the lacy look enough for it to be worth it.

This last image is of some fabric I printed on Sunday night. Every time I make stir-fry I think about doing this and I finally got around to it.

The "rose" images are actually the cut off end of a head of baby bok choy. The circles are the cut off end of a small zucchini. I used pigment stamp pads in gold, silver and copper to print my totally random design. I think it came out pretty cool.

I need to press it to set it and then I need to figure out what I want to do with it!


Jane said...

The bok choy really does look like roses! Beautiful! I just love patterns in nature.

Paula Hewitt said...

i like the Christmas ornament. the pulled thread does give a very lacy look. and i love the bog choy roses - I have thought the same about the cut ends -but never thought of using them as a stamp. clever!