Wednesday, February 18, 2009

lure of the new

Why is a new project so alluring? I already have two projects actively underway now--both cross stitch--in my quest to finish things up.

Yesterday my hubby knocked over a basket where over the years I've tucked various odds and ends. As I was putting things back (cards, letters, some small purse frames, a piece of Japanese fabric, a green gingham check dishtowel and pot holder embroidered with strawberries that I don't remember putting there.

There was a narrow tin with a couple of small embroidery projects inside. There was a cross-stitch gift tag of a plum pudding. The holly is about 1/4 complete--but it's over one and so got set aside. I set it aside yesterday, too.

There was also a unstarted kit for a small friendship sampler. I have the too-cute frame for this somewhere in the basement stash. It's also over one but I was compelled to begin it. Mostly, I think I wanted to do the mindless overcasting of the outer edge and basting of the center lines. Once that was done I stitched one over-one letter and decided that was plenty 'nuff. So now I have three "over one" projects underway. Perhaps I should get them all done and finished and remember that I'm really not fond of cross stitch over one.

I went back to the basket and found a booklet, a roll of linen, and silk threads from Kreinik. This project is at the end of the booklet. Before I could even think about it I was cutting the linen to size and overcasting the edges. Then I spent a very pleasant hour basting center lines, top and right margins and counting threads. (It made me realize how much I enjoy this kind of thing and that I should probably find some hemstitching project to take up. I haven't done that in a while and I really like it.)

I didn't take an actual stitch in the project itself, but I really found all of this preparatory work quite soothing and pleasant. Perhaps that's why I start many more projects than I complete.

I can remember that I got this project because I liked the design. At a distance it has a nice Art Nouveau or perhaps Arts & Crafts feel to it. I also was looking forward to experimenting with the Kreinik silks (which were new when I got this). The booklet shows it framed in a mirror. I really like the way it looks, not that I have any purpose for such a mirror or even place to put it.

Now I need to find stretcher bars for it before I can begin stitching.

I didn't purchase anything new for these projects (part of my goal) but there was no logical reason to begin two new projects right now. But, I guess, there was also no logical reason not to.


Donna said...

See I like to get out my fabric, press it,put it on my scroll frame and pull the threads. Then spend an hour or more imagining what the project will look like and how I will finish it. Then I put 1 row of stitches in it and DONE! On to the next one! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love your stash and the way you seem to find your unfinished projects. I can just imagine the scene. Think we all have those unfinished projects stashed. Admire you for getting them done. Love your's so genuine!

Lelia said...

I'm not sure what the allure of 'new' is ... with the number of projects I've got tumbling around my desk -- I figure I must tackle some of the 'old' to make more room!!! LOL

I hear the next blast of snow starts around midnight. I've got a couple good books & enough textile projects to last 10 years.

Are you feeling any better?? I hope so

susan m hinckley said...

Well first of all, I have that same basket at my house. And glad to hear I'm not along in the new projects department, either.

I've been so busy I just got to your back posts and I really enjoyed seeing your bedroom! It was such a charming and personal glimpse, although I hope your cold is much better because I had a nasty chest cold this winter and it certainly took its sweet time going away.

Cindy said...

I have been trying my best to work on the "old" projects before starting a new one, but it never works! I think that's the promise of something fresh with no skeletons in the closet :)

My new theory is that as long as some project is calling to you...and you are stitching *something* is all good!!