Monday, February 2, 2009

Martha Stewart Moment!

This weekend I had a "Martha Stewart" moment and made biscotti from a recipe in the now defunct Mary Engelbreit magazine. I wrapped pairs in parchment paper and tied them with overdyed perle cotton to give to friends here at work today. The three shown got a little overdone--they're mine!

For a first attempt I think they came out pretty good and I've had some good comments. I think I'd like them a tad less sweet next time.

I also finished the Santa ornament this weekend. I took pictures and notes on the finishing and plan to post a tutorial.


Karol said...

Your santa turned out great!!!

Jane said...

There you go again, being generous!
The santa is fantastic!

Lelia said...

Your Santa looks fantastic. Looking forward to some close-ups and the tutorial.

Didn't make it out of the house -- high school closed at 1:30 & Purdue closed at 4:00.

A snow plow (pick up truck) went off the road in front of our home & the road was blocked for 45 min.

Thought best to stay in. I would have enjoyed seeing the NANI gang tho. Had my heart set on it.

Von said...

I love your Santa ornament!

Biscotti makes such a wonderful gift; I'm sure your coworkers were very appreciative. :)