Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Projects

Now that Santa and the Trees are done, I needed to dive into the stash for more projects--especially one I could carry with me to meetings and appointments. I pulled out two that were my mother's. By the time she had begun them her vision was quite bad. I purchased the materials for the Ohio Sampler for her and I found a note with the pattern that the linen I had gotten was larger than what the pattern called for.

Mom had begun the piece but still had some trouble counting. I only took out a couple of things that would affect the rest of the sampler's motifs fitting. It's large enough to be a good carry-along project and I've already made some progress.

The second project is a scissors keep with a plumeria flower on it. It's stitched over one on a very fine linen and it was clear she couldn't see it at all. Especially where the center was nearly the color of the fabric. I got out a new piece of fabric (white lugana) to begin again. The kit has everything, including scissors.

I also keep reminding myself I need to pull out my EGA chapter's state day project. I set it aside before Christmas and don't see it now. I'm one of the people testing the pattern. Most of the others have finished already!

But I'm really inspired right now by a lovely big stash of felting materials given to me by a friend (THANK YOU!!)--some felt, felt bags to decorate, roving, needle-felting needles and patterns for inspiration. I want to get back to felt and, with it, finish up the TIF project. I feels nice to get my enthusiasm back--thanks!
I was really pleased to learn this week that a friend decided to follow my lead and has been finishing up projects that were nearly done. It certainly made me feel good.

This time of year I crave color. Here's a bit of spring-time.

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Jane said...

I'm glad my extra stash could provide you with some inspiration. I really like the Plumeria pattern, lovely colors.