Monday, February 16, 2009

post-Valentine's cold

The strings of Valentine's hearts were a great hit. The sparkled and twirled in the morning light at our bedroom door. Such a simple thing, but it was great fun. My pleasure was not diminished by having loads of time to spend looking at them. I came home from work Friday night coughing with what has become a nasty chest cold. I stepped off of the merry-go-round and spent some extra time in bed having very interesting fever dreams.

So the weekend was a wasteland insofar as embroidery went. I stitched a very little bit on mom's plumeria fob. Trying to stitch over one on fine linen with a cold is just plain silly, so of course I gave it a go. I didn't last long at it. I made a little more headway on mom's Ohio sampler. But still not much.

Since I was spending so much time in the bedroom, I decided to take some pix there. It's a small room. This is my corner, with my Glinda pillowcase. The lion lamp with the frilly pink shade came from Steve's grandpa. I can remember when he painted it. My dad made the bookcase. (We have another small one that Steve's dad made on the other side of the room.)

The samplers are two that Steve got me as gifts, quite a while ago now. The small painting is actually encaustic. It's very impressionistic. It replaces a 1960s car advertising photo. (I like this better for the bedroom.) The portrait of the astronaut chimp is our newest addition. This wall changes fairly often, except for the sampler.

This last photo is the top of Steve's dresser. (Mine's the white one next to it.) I love his collection of odds and ends. The clock may work (I don't know) but we don't have it running. The ticking would keep us both awake, I'm sure.

Thanks to everyone who made comments on the Trees post. I think it's quite hard to judge one's own work--of any kind. I really appreciate the feedback--thanks for taking the time.


Karol said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Lelia said...

Sorry to hear you are a bit under the weather -- feel better soon : )

Always, L.

jenny2write said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! I love the hanging - what a beautiful idea.