Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finally, it's done!

This cold is really dragging on and keeping me down! World Embroideries and Stitches of Life both have it too. Anyway, I did finally receive the frame for the Perfect Forest and I put it together this weekend. Not much else got done. A couple of weeks ago I was home several days and got some stitching done, in spite of the cold. Last week I worked most of the week and by the time I gave in, I was whacked and didn't do much at all at home.

I did stitch a bit on the Plumeria Scissors Fob. Actually, I stitched about three hours each on Saturday and Sunday mornings, early when I had good sun and peace and quiet. Doesn't look like six hours of work has been added, does it?

I completed all of the flower petals, two leaves, began the other three leaves and the background and did some back stitching on the lower petals. Now that I'm done with the very pale colors, it's a bit easier to see, but it's still a quiet-weekend-morning-only project.

Bit by bit, as I'm in the basement doing laundry on weekends, I am pawing through the projects and booklets I've purchased over the years and WIPS. (And PIGs (projects in grocery bags). I have some of those, too. Thanks, World Embroideries, for that acronym!) It's slow going. My tastes haven't changed much so I still really like all of the projects I have on hand. What has changed, a bit, is my sense of reality--will I really ever actually do this? The answer is "no" much more often than it used to be.

Right now, especially with the cold, I don't have enough gumption to do any designing. It's nice to have kits that require little brain-power on hand. I did play around a little with my December Take It Further final page design and with the Puzzle Pieces project from Gatherings. More lazy thinking than putting anything in action. But they're percolating.


Donna said...

Perfect Forest looks, well, perfect! Great job!

terryb said...

Congratulations on finishing your Perfect Forest. You have done a beautiful job, not only in stitching, but in framing as well. (Do you build your frames yourself, or did you mean assembling it with the mat, etc.?)

The Plumeria Scissors fob should be spectacular when it's done, but it may not keep your scissors from "walking away." More likely, it will inspire a little travel of its own.

I also enjoyed visiting the links that you included. The tamari are gorgeous and look so intricate. I don't know how Jane keeps track of so many divisions.

Pat Winter's crazy quilting is also intriguing. I love the puzzle project she is working on. Her pieces are not just embellished; they are encrusted with intriguing finds.

Laurie in Maine said...

This weekend while blog hopping I came across your trees! WOW. I've just recently learned the concept of drawn thread and needle weaving. I must learn more!!