Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last weekend

In addition to making my bird last weekend, I made this wool scarf/boa. It was a kit that was sent to me as a gift from Jenny. It's the Wensleydale Curls Scarf and it's from the Threshing Barn.

I know why this was in my ufo pile. It was not complex to make, nor did it take a lot of time (Saturday evening). When I first opened it, a few years ago, I looked at the luscious roving and locks and thought felting, or perhaps as additions to silk paper, or embroidery, or couching--there were so many possibilities in the amazing bag of fibers I couldn't settle to just one. And then I finally realized that if I made the scarf, I could enjoy it now and still take it apart and use the pieces at a later date if that was what I wanted.

The base of the scarf is a braid of strands of roving. Then the wool locks are looped onto the braid (like you'd loop a fringe). An added benefit was that there was enough lanolin left in the wool that my hands were nice and soft by the end of the evening!

It's addictive to wear--kind of like worry beads. I find myself constantly petting it and running my hands through it. We've more winter left here and the colors go great with my purple coat.

While I was replete with fibery goodness this weekend, I didn't do any embroidery. I did a couple of pages in my journal. They're up on Flickr.

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