Friday, March 20, 2009

New Toy

During our shopping at Jo-Ann's sales last week, I found the cutest new toy: Clover's extra small pom pom maker. I had such fun with it, making teeny-tiny poms!

I've included a match in the photo for scale. The finished poms are 3/4" and 1". I found you can also make an intermediate size by wrapping two layers of yarn in the smaller tool.

Very little trimming is required. Larger pom-pom's aren't too difficult (although Clover's tools make it easier), but I've always had trouble getting nice round tiny poms.

I was just having fun this weekend but I think the poms will work nicely with felt as the centers of flowers or as trim. I used fingering and baby yarns for these and made all of them in a half-hour or so.


Lelia said...

Too cute!!! Enjoy playing : )

I sent you an e-mail -- I think I spotted your 'lotsa potsa block' at Deep River Park : )

Donna said...

So cute! I love them and you sound like you are having fun playing with it!

Anonymous said...

love these little pom poms, I remember making these when I was a child, this tool looks like it make making them a doddle!