Friday, March 13, 2009


Last Monday at Homewood Embroiderer's Guild Carol taught a class in needlefelting. I was hostess and spend way too much time yapping and socializing to settle and actually do a project, so I brought my kit home.

Sitting watching TV this week (the last half of the third movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy) I made these two little ladybugs. The larger one is the size the class was making but I like the smaller one a bit better. Steve complained that they don't have eyes so I may hunt up some black beads and add eyes.

That was the sum total of what I accomplished this week. I did some selecting and trimming of images of my workplace from old calendar's I'd collected but I didn't even do much of that. I got out two crewel books and flipped through them and then pulled out the crewel projects and looked at them and then put them away. Some weeks are just like that.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE ladybugs. Yours are adorable. Your projects have been lovely and consistently completed. Bravo. It's a great accomplishment.

Donna said...

Now how cute are those? Just as cute a bug in a rug!

Doris said...

oh, so cute lady´s bug. cute .

Jane said...

Hi Marj, that's about how much stitching I got done this week too. It must be spring fever.