Friday, June 19, 2009

Dolly visits my sister

After checking out things around our house, Dolly took an excursion up to my sister's. It was an idyllic afternoon to sit on the porch. We sat int he shade but Dolly wanted to get some sun.
She sat in the boat for a bit but decided against venturing out onto the river. It was a very busy afternoon with a lot of traffic and activity.
Last, Dolly poses in my sister's garden. She really liked this cushiony plant.


terryb said...

So far Dolly appears to be a great fair-weather friend. How did she "fair" with the nasty weather that passed your way last night?

Lelia said...

I think your doll is enjoying her holiday : )

What fun

Pat Winter said...

Loved the adventures of Dolly! How cute!