Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Woo-hoo! I won!!

Well, I've been sitting on this for a couple of weeks now, ready to burst. I was on vacation when I read the post on Small Works in Wool, telling me I'd won the stash enhancement draw. Bob Barker hosted--I was most honored! (Her blog is a real treat and her sense of humor often has me bouncing with laughter. I love the vintage magazine images.)

Susan M. Hinckley is a wonderful artist, mostly in wool right now, and her birthday was in May. All month long she celebrated, with several amazing giveaways! I love this idea and may steal it for my birthday celebration this summer.
My goodies arrived on Monday. I am totally blown away by the fun things in the package. Oh, the possibilities! My mind's just percolating away. The photo at the top is the whole pile.

Here are some details. First, the felt: A giant piece of multicolored, inlaid felt and some great solids (take a peek at the little South American dolls on the blue felt. Plus some cool felt ovals. I love working with felt so this is really exciting. The lilac is a lovely wool fabric.

Next is paper--Look at that "m"! It's just awesome, as is the "makes" word card. I love vintage cards (I've been using scans of some that were sent by my grandparents in the 20s for holiday cards for several years now). And very cool papers. What if I backed them with muslin and stitched them? collage? scan and make up greeting cards from them? collage? Use them as a frame or backing for a stitched piece? from the felt?

The final photo shows the threads and odds and ends. The buttons are vintage mother of pearl. The vintage red box is full of beads! I love the stamens. I just got some wide black ribbon--what if I made flowers with the turquoise stamens? The colors are so cool.

Look at that card of gray thread toward the middle. Plain gray. That is a fantastic thread. Put it against anything in this package (probably, anything, anywhere) and it subtly morphs to enhance what it's up against. I'm sure this thread will be used to it's very last inch. And who'd 'a thunk it--plain gray?

Well, I feel like it was my birthday. I'm havin' so much fun! (at home at least, work is still deep in paperwork frenzy) Thank you, Susan! You rock.

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Spyder said...

Well done you!!!