Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello, Dolly!

That's what I've been calling heAdd Imager, Dolly. She's patiently waiting for me to finish her dress and get that pin out of her head, the one holding the flower together. This is a pattern by Mimi Kirchner that I found on Purl Bee. It been great fun.

Dolly is all felt and wool from my stash. The threads are silks and pearl cottons. She's sewn all by hand. The instructions in the pattern are clear and easy to follow. I have a list of "next times" that I should jot down.

I think I need to make a less serious doll. Above she just looks patient, but she's got a more wary outlook below. I stole the "flirty eyes" idea from Susan M. Hinckley. Her blog is Small Works in Wool.


Anonymous said...

dolly looks great. i wont show Moo or she'll want me to make her one!

Karol said...

She came out really cute!

Lelia said...

Good job Marjorie! I think she turned out great : )

mimi k said...

She is adorable! Great job!