Thursday, June 4, 2009


Just for fun, I did a Wordle of my blog. I input my url and this is what popped up. It looks like it's taken from the most recent posts. I like the way Thread pops out.

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Jenny said...

This is fun - the Wordle. I'm going to try that on my blog when I get back. I can't access my mail while I am on the road (thank goodness) - well have forgotten the password.) But I'm checking on your blog when I get the chance to see the internet. I like your latest photos!

Oh! the other thing I've been checking is Kath's new blog (it's at shes writing it like mad, I don't know what has got into her, as she has never really liked writing. Also taken to buying gardens magazines. Some change is taking place in her...but anyway I won't write too much personal stuff here, of course so will write after I return to London around 18th. I have sent you a couple of postcards - it's been interesting here travelling across Kent. Today though I'm quite glad to get into the library and write this, since the weather is perishing cold outside, more like March than June! Jenny