Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The endless birthday

It's still going on! Last Friday a good friend took me for dinner and gave me this incredible tatted butterfly. It's really teeny-tiny. I have a crazy quilting idea and want to use it for that. Thank you very much! When we got married in 1976 (!) friends took the photos. They used Kodachrome color slide film. So we've always had slides of the wedding but I always wanted some prints. My sweetie made me a set of prints for my birthday. It took a while to get a couple scanned in. So here we are in our woodland wedding (Sand Ridge Nature Center), nearly 34 years ago (September 18). Above is my mom, his dad, me, him, his mom and my dad. (I'm now older than my parents were when this photo was taken! Yikes!) I made my dress (crochet yoke and trim, hand dyed and then assembled into the dress--I think the crochet pattern was in McCalls or Better Homes and Gardens (a magazine, anyway). I crocheted most of it on the bus, commuting to work in the city. I also made hubby's shirt, it's a kurta (Indian design). That's rayon embroidery floss. It was lovely but, oh, that was a labor of love! To this day, I avoid rayon floss! (Although in the intervening years, I have learned some techniques to help when working with it is unavoidable.)


Jane said...

Love the wedding pictures!

Kim B said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you were able to get a few scanned in and show them off to us! You have obviously always been very crafty!