Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stash Sale!

For the past few weeks, each week when I do laundry, every time I came back up from downstairs, I would bring up a few items for the stash sale:

Come to the 4th Annual
Saturday, August 14, 2010
House of Stitches back parking lot
1700 Lincolnway Place, Suite 4
La Porte, IN 46350
219-326-0544 or 800-455-8517
Think of it as the world’s best yard sale…all dedicated to stitching!
Enjoy socializing with other needle workers!
I'm looking forward to that last bit most--the socializing!
My trunk is full to bursting and I still haven't loaded it all (I think some organization will help with that--at least I hope so. I still have to fit the tables in!) I have mostly magazines and some books to sell, along with odds and ends. I hope to see you there!


Kelly said...

Yeah for the sale. I have been going back and forth about going. I don't drive much and going to another state...Lord help me. Anyway, I think I will make the trip. Good luck getting everything together.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Sounds like fun. Dang! Too bad I live in Minnesota.

Any way you could accomodate people who can't be there in person? Based on what I've seen on your blog, I'm sure there's SOMETHING I could take off your hands...

Carol S.

Jenny Woolf said...

Have fun! :)