Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stash sale

The sale on Saturday was good and not so good. It rained.Here's my booth with the wet pavement. It didn't rain hard, just off and on. And the rain kept the blazing sun away, so it was good. I set an umbrella over the books and relaxed.My booth was set up next to a friend, Genevieve. She had wonderful kits for sale and this big bag of perle cotton that came home with me. Happily for me, her daughter took three boxes of magazines that didn't sell to recycle at her children's school. I was happy not to haul them home! I met some very nice people and sold enough to pay my expenses, for the perle cotton and lunch, so I'm happy!Much of the day I sat and worked on the crochet tote and got a lot done.

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Kelly said...

Glad you had a good sale. I did not make it over. I went to Inspired Needle and took in some finishing. Good thing. I was getting close to the X-Mas finishing deadline.