Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cloth House and Carnaby Street

Recommended by Materialistic, I made my way to the Cloth House. On my way there, as I got off the bus, I saw these very cute purses made from felt balls.The Cloth House had interesting and unusual fabrics and trims. Some antique yardage and trims, some imported from, I think, India (I didn't look at them closely). Here's a shelf of trims. I had a great time browsing there and choosing a couple of souvenirs. Rolls and bolts of all types of fabrics were everywhere. After I left the shop, I found my way to Soho and Carnaby street, a pleasant surprise. It brought back many memories of the 60s, when Carnaby St. was the fashion center.It is still full of fashionable shops and shoppers.Here's my shopping bag from the Cloth House...and my haul...some nice woven gingham, a ribbon and some trims, and, if you look closely on the white bag, a button.


Wagapapa said...

I love your purchases! And I love Carnaby Street, of course.

Lelia said...

thx for sharing - I'm enjoying reading about your trip. Fab photos!

Rachel said...

The Cloth House sounds fascinating - I've added it to my list of resources!