Friday, March 4, 2011

Crewel Friday

Hmmm, well, I haven't done much at all this past week. My only stitching has been to make (yet another) chemo cap for a friend. I gave it to her yesterday before getting a picture (it's blue like the last one).

Last weekend was more about continuing the clean up from the avalanche. I ironed the clothes that has been waiting, sorted through some of the old pamphlets and magazines, and did some cooking and cleaning that needed doing. I also brought work home to do and I did that.

Work is in the pre-vacation frenzy stage (complicated by annual budget deadlines). It's interesting here--students are frazzled to, studying for end-of-quarter exams. Lots of grim faces.

Inspired a bit by spring, I tried my hand a a couple of other pocket designs. I kept thinking about all of the leaves in crewel, especially those with turned-over ends. So I thought, what if I made a pocket in a leafy shape? And what if it had a turn-over at the top? These are really rough sketches. The one at the top has an embroidered turnover. Below, the leaf turnover is actually a flap on the pocket. I think I like that better (I can choose to embroider it or not!).I think I like my abstract design for the sampler stitches, but I wanted to check out some more traditional patterns. This is adapted from something I saw in my books. Strawberries and some other odd berry shaped thing and small leaves.

I keep coming back to the mounds--I like those mounds and I think I'm going to focus my paper on them.

I didn't read much this week, either, just an hour or so with Edwards's Crewel Embroidery in England. It's a very readable book, perfect for early Saturday morning.

Yesterday was a break--we had a girls' day. A quiet one. My sister's a peach to keep hosting us. Yesterday's "occasion" was our sister-in-law's birthday from February. My sister made shortbread, we ate it hot out of the oven. For lunch we went to a new place in St. Charles, IL, called the Rx Cafe. It's an American tapas place and we had a great selection of little bites. They're on sale Thursdays, so we took advantage. Then we visited a local yarn shop that recently moved from Geneva, IL to St. Charles, IL (just up the road a piece), Wool & Company. Mostly we talked, and talked and talked, shared our projects, asked for advice. It was wonderful.


Lauren in CT said...

I can't thank you enough for all your critiques of places in the Geneva/St. Charles area. I've just bought a house there and your places have been great. (LOVE Designer's Den!) Can't wait to try the Rx Cafe when I'm out there painting the new house this month.

Rachel said...

Love the pocket designs - hope you'll be stitching at least one of them1