Friday, March 25, 2011

V&A Crewel--Cewel Friday

Talk about inspiration! I got a chance to see some of the items I've seen pictured in books! It was great.The crewel embroidered bed hanging above was housed next to the imported (from India) Palampore below, to show the influence of one on the other. From my reading, the influence seemed to go both ways, with the British sending designs to India that they felt had a proper "Oriental style" (most likely derived from Chinese and Japanese imports). All of the imports, earlier and later, impacted on designs in England. And the Indians took the designs they were given and made them their own. The results are wonderful. Below is more of the painted palampore.The palampore's exotic mounds above compared to the English crewel mounds below.Another crewel piece on display.

The day, and my new crewel book, inspired me to bring out my sampler and rip. (of course I'd packed it!) I'd begun the slit at the top of the bag with "true" buttonhole stitch (as opposed to blanket stitch). I didn't like it. I ripped and then stitched the outer edge (the uncut edge) with a row of split stitch. My first attempt didn't have this row of stitches and the outer edge looked very ragged. Then I began stitching again and I'm much happier. My outer edge is much smoother and the practice with this new-to-me stitch has made it a bit more even. Not as even as I like, but better. This is just one color, something to get me going, and to allow for the cut edge of the pocket opening. And the first sampler is to include buttonhole/blanket stitches.

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Aurelia Eglantine said...

Gorgeous pictures! I never realized it before, but I'm definitely more a fan of English crewel work, though it is very interesting to learn of the inter-relationship wrought upon the designs by trade.

I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation, and that you are happier with your sampler now. Sometimes even the most carefully planned project can benefit from a slight change of direction :)