Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kensington Palace

On a beautiful sunny day we went to Kensington Palace to see the Enchanted Palace event/exhibit. It was an amazing day.This is the front of Kensington Palace. Charles and Di lived here, as did the Queen Mother.This is the Orangerie where we had a scrumptious lunch. I was warm in the sun so we ate outside. (Mushroom and onion quiche with a salad, elderflower presse to drink, and a huge meringue with raspberries and whipped cream for dessert!) While we were eating a small helicopter landed nearby and someone important (or royal) got out with some security guards.The entrance to the Enchanted Palace. The exhibit/event/display was evocative and at times eerie. Seven princesses who lived there each had a room in the display. Several of them had sad lives. There were lots of collages, artworks, embroideries and little details to discover. Some of the displays were made by children. Some items were from the palace's past. Several rooms had scrapbooks full of interesting things. You could explore for hours and probably miss some details.I took this picture of a doll in a large cabinet in the entry, before the "no photos" rule took effect. Many rooms had actresses acting as (rather uppity) maids. Most had "guards" who turned out to be mines of wonderful information about the items on display and on the palace and it's history.The no-photos rule was suspended in the "throne room" where you could sit on this completely knitted throne and make a wish. I had seen it before on line but hadn't realized it would be in the exhibit I was to see. It's really cool.A close up of the back of the chair.Me being royal and sitting in the chair--we all took our turn. Note the knitted candle sticks and candles. More to come...

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