Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homewood Guild Projects

World Embroideries, Marge and I are program chairs this year for Homewood Embroiderer's Guild. Our theme is Fun and Games! Each year the guild has a summer challenge to do while we're on hiatus.  This year we challenged members to draw a card from a deck and use the card they drew to inspire an embroidery of some sort--or even just think about what they might do and make notes and sketches.
I drew the 10 of Clubs. Not too inspiring, like, say, the Queen of Hearts. But I noticed the card is one of few that are exactly the same no matter whether it was right side up and upside down. Which got me thinking about topsy-turvy. Being a literal sort, I decided to make 10 club embroideries, to try some new techniques, and to make them into a Jacob's Ladder. Above are the 10 embroideries, below the assembled toy.
I think it's kind of cool and it actually does tumble like it should.

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