Monday, September 12, 2011

WIPs and a finish

A couple of weeks ago my sister gave me a belated birthday gift--this Bareroots pattern and materials kit.
I love small projects like this and got busy on it.
I finished it yesterday.  My first Christmas project for this year done!
Since I finished my felted totes, I needed a new knitting project. This "Garden View Shawlette" by Tracey Whitanee, found on Ravelry, was in my pile.  Another brithday gift, a gift card, supplied the yarn. The instructions are great--very clear with both written instructions and a chart. Great for novice lace knitters like me.  I'm new to Ravelry, Marjel3--if you're there come by and say "hi!"
Recently our EGA chapter received a donation of tapestry wool, floss, and some white yarn. The floss will be used for Camp Quality next summer (and I won't be struggling to find an idea at the last minute--I already have what I think will be a good one).  The wool is in our storage area while we think of ideas for it. Some is in large uncut skeins and I was thinking of using it to knit with--perhaps coasters for Hospice to sell.  And I thought the white yarn would make nice chemo caps--it's very soft. 
The day after I got the donation, hubby and I were a our local store and the pharmacy clerk he often chats with was telling us how her mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer. So I began knitting the first hat. It's great traveling knitting--it's mindless now, just knit.  (Several doctor visits last week means that this has grown quite a bit since I photographed it.) I think the yarn is fine enough that it would be good for preemie caps, too.  I need to find a pattern.

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