Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crewel Friday

It's started.  It's a lot of fun. 
I would work on it all the time, except I find crewel can be hard on my fingers--I poked a hole in my right middle finger from pushing the needle. Then I remembered I have this great rubbery thimble to use and it helped a lot--not only pushing but pulling recalcitrant needles through. I tend to use a fairly large needle to help ease the thread, and it's quite easy for the first row, but any subsequent rows in close proximity seem to be tough.  Some of this was done in a hoop, some not, depending on how the teacher classified the stitches.

I like working with the very clear outline. I wish I'd done it in a softer color and perhaps a green.  It shows through some of the paler shades of thread I've used. 

My Chinese fortune cookie fortune from a lunch this week said: "good beginnings is half done." The perfect sentiment!


Isadarena said...

Hi Melody, your Crewel looks so beautifully stitched: what a pity if you damage your finger ....oh !don't forget to use your thimble :-))

Rachel said...

You've made a good start. Be thankful if you can use a thimble - I always end up taking them off because they get in the way!

Jane said...

I like the colors a lot! I know the feeling of not wanting to put something down, but it is a knitting project these days.

coral-seas said...

Great start. I love the colours. I had a lot of fun doing crewel work in a class last week. One of the things that amazed me is how quickly it works up.

thehappycrochetchic said...

What is the difference between crewel and embroidery? Is it just the floss used?