Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Warm fall weather

We've been having some lovely warm weather. The plants, animals, and trees, however, know it's autumn.
I remember when this maple tree was planted. It's just across the street from us and even as a little twig, it's leaves captured the essence of autumn. They're almost all dropped now but last weekend they were gorgeous. We enjoy the show every year.
The skies were a brilliant blue, clear. It was amazing against the colors of the trees. This is a neighbor's home.
The light's different, too, in the fall. It's at a different angle and there seem to be more shadows. These are some of the maple tree's fallen leaves.
I have a particular "thing" for golden yellows and grays. don't know why. This is a but more subdued but in a similar vein.
Maple leaves dancing on the lawn. I can't imagine what they get up to at night when we're not watching!
A neighbor planted some late daisies.
I don't know what this large plant is. I've been watching it all year. It's striking.

Rain is expected to night and cooling.  It's mid October and I'm still wearing sandals. I'm happy.


Karen said...

We are having the best fall here in the Chicago area aren't we!! I know I am enjoying the break untill winter rears its nasty face! Great blog post.

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh maple trees are so lovely. They grow here but only as ornamentals. We don't have many wild trees in England that go that wonderful red. But the beech woods in late October/early November are spectacular, as they are a wonderful blazing gold.

Pat Winter said...

The large plant in the bottom photo is a Canna.
One of my mom's favorite plants. They bloom and unusual flower in reds, orange, and I've seen a pinkish salmon color too.
Aren't we having a beautiful Autumn?

Ekaterina Trayt said...

These are gorgeous colours! And I thought Finnish autumn was bright :)