Wednesday, October 19, 2011

this and that

Not a lot of finishes this week. I did complete this afghan square for our "Legal Loopers" Warm Up America project.  We've begun holding lunch-time stitch-ins at the Law School for anyone interested in coming (e-mail me for details if you're interested).  Knitting, stitching, even lanyard making. Beginners welcome. I nearly finished this at last week's meeting--I crocheted the last row at home.
Front, above; back, below.  I think afghans should look good from both sides. That's the last of this rather ugly yarn.
I want to begin knitting preemie caps for the hospital but the yarn's in my car trunk and I keep forgetting it. So I began knitting a ruffly baby hat for a gift for a friend's daughter.  It's marinated in my stash for a couple of years now, so should be ready to knit! I'll post a photo once I have enough done that it looks like it might be something.

Below are two needlepoint projects for Homewood Guild that kept me busy the last month. You can read more about them on the Guild blog.
I also began working on some Christmas gifts that I won't be showing for a while.

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