Friday, October 28, 2011

Surprise Package

I received a surprise box of goodies!
It arrived on my desk at work full of fun things. My friends thought I'd get a kick out of this Marjorie Seedling Plum jam that they found in their wanderings--I am!  I haven't tried it yet.  I brought back a package of Waitrose crumpets last spring and froze them. I think they will be perfect with this jam and some tea. 
I have tried these cookies and they are very yummy--lemony and good, shaped like St. George or the dragon. Most of all, though, I love the box. Along the sides the story of St. George and the Dragon is written.  The princess (with the dragon on her leash) is on one end flap of the box (the other has the knight's horse and opened down). 
This gift is from a young friend who shares my love of all things Dr. Who and it is very much appreciated (I've been wearing it since I got it).  He also included a bright orange Dalek (which I suspect formerly held candy). That Dalek lives on my desk, exterminating any dull tasks that come along. 

It feels a bit odd that I'm the one who got the presents (they actually came a few days ago but it took me a bit to get photos)--today is my brother's birthday--Happy Birthday, Chuck!


Doris said...

great goodies...i am fan (and my doughter too) of Dr Who !!she have a few dalek, red and one white,,oh a one TARDIS..

Jenny Woolf said...

Nice to see these! And glad you are exterminating all and sundry in your path :)