Friday, March 2, 2012


A couple of weeks ago on a side trip into an antiques shop, I found a near mint condition issue of the Delineator from 1906.  The Delineator was the fashion and pattern magazine for Butterick Patterns, so it's full of the latest Paris fashion trends, the most popular fabrics, colors and ideas.
I love the style of this cover art.
What always amazes me about these century old publications is how similar they are to their modern counterparts. There are articles on cooking healthy and tasty meals, uplifting stories, some serious articles about "modern times," the latest fashions and tips for looking good.
This spread features lace and embroidered accessories and how to alter the most popular skirt style to fit you exactly. The pattern altering techniques are the same as used today.
This is an article on using stencils to decorate clothing and household textiles. Not only the concept but the designs could be from one of today's magazines. Stenciling is still very popular.
1906 was still very much in the wasp waist Gibson Girl fashion era. Here are some of the latest styles in "waists" (blouses) and sleeves. 

Even though my goal is to get rid of paper in our house (the excess of books and magazines), I couldn't resist this one and have spent hours reading and enjoying it.

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