Friday, March 9, 2012

The new office

We've been here three weeks now and it seems like forever already!
My office space is already overwhelmed with paper.  That's my space above.
My plants live in the empty cubicle next door where they're basking in the light.
New office coworker on her second day in the office She's brilliant and amazing and so very quiet!  She works with our journals (the manging editor wouldn't let me take her picture). Both ladies are very quiet. I'm far from quiet and I feel like a bull in a china shop around them.
A shot of my messy, paper strewn desk. A friend politely told me I'm a "gatherer" this week.  The offices of my coworkers are still pristine and spare.  I definitely nest wherever I am.
Our big space.  I'm just to the right in this photo, beyond the files.  All of our files fit into this huge bank of cabinets.  The door at the end is our big supply closet (so everything is no longer crammed into my space.) There are offices (doors at the end of the file cabinets) to the right and four cubicles on the left.
And our very own kitchen space.  Behind the green towel is our water cooler and mini-fridge.  All we need are a few hammocks and we'd never have to leave.  (Let's keep the quiet, or mangement might like the idea!)  More practially, we also have our own (well, shared) copier/scanner next to the kitchen and a coat closet at that end, too. 


Alex said...

Love your nesting! make it feel more homely. :o)

marymac said...

Enjoy the new space. IT does look wonderful.

Blake Mitchell said...

I enjoyed the office tour. You have a very cozy workplace. Your plants have surely found a nice temporary home in the adjacent office cubicle. Our individual organizing styles are one of the things that make us unique. The important thing is to remain focused and productive while at work.