Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slow Progress

but, still, progress.  I had a cold all last week and didn't stitch hardly at all. (I worked and came home and went to bed--I didn't want to take off sick because this week I'm going to the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo. Having the right priorities is important!)
This weekend I worked on the broiderie perse piece. I completed restitching in the area at the top and began edging the upper edge applique with a metallic thread (Kreinik #8 braid in a color I've always called Vatican--kind of a gold-silver mix).  I think it cleans up the edges nicely and delineates the embroidery from the background. Hubby thinks the edging should be wider so later on I may try adding a second thread around, but for now I'm going to leave it. (Photos always tell me a lot about how something "reads" and I rather like the way this looks--what do you think?) The vertical line is the Vatican thread where I left off--the spool's dangling on the back.

Now I'm working on repairing the bottom half of the photo--I got a lot done last night filling in missing leaf veins and areas of missing thread.  The thread leading off to the right is the stem I was working on when bedtime came last night.
Today is the first day of Spring. It definitely feels more like Summer today!  These are our neighbors' flowers.  A couple of years ago they created an area in their front lawn with some bushes, flowers and a small tree. It's quite pretty. 

Lots more are blooming, everywhere.  I voted today, though, instead of taking my morning walk and pictures.

Thanks to a lovely prize from the EGA, I just "attended" a very interesting webinar on using Photoshop elements to improve photographs of needlework. I'll be writing about it soon. It was organized by Funk&Weber designs (you might remember them from the EGA bookmarks for literacy project) and taught by Melissa of DigitalScrapbookingHQ.


terryb said...

I like the narrow edge. Any more and I think it would seem to detract from rather than emphasize the flowers being outlined.

Your neighbor's flowers are beautiful. Love the daffodils.

Jenny Woolf said...

Interesting to see this on theanifactirers wensite!

I hope this and my other comment get through. It's flaky doing this on my phone!