Friday, June 1, 2012

Japanese Embroidery

I set up my frame for the holiday weekend and got in some stitching on three mornings. (I took a four-day minivacation--bliss!) One morning I completed the hemp leaf pattern on the left-hand fan blade. Another I stitched the maple leaf. And on the third the bamboo leaves. For each of the latter, I was deciding on my own what threads to use in what order. I spent a lot of time dithering. 

But, on the whole, less time ripping out than I usually do. I was more relaxed with the stitching and not as "don't come near me, I need absolute quiet!" as I have been. Hubby knows, though, and took himself off to work on the car and to the store one morning, giving me more time to stitch.
Another one of the neighbor's roses.

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Anonymous said...

Love these green fan blades. Fan-tastic!! (Sorry..couldn't resist!)