Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not much stitching done

Last week I worked long hours and six days, so not much handwork got done.  I came down with a cold (just before the conference at week's end).  What I did got done Sunday and Monday (I stayed home to nurse my cold; it's settled in my chest for now).
I worked on this project, a two-row zig-zag crochet scarf. You alternate the two yarns as you stitch. I'm aiming at a Christmas gift.
I also finished this simple wreath. Very much a reminder of the '70s. It's made with waxed linen and the base around the ring is woven.  I like the effect but I don't much like the waxed linen--it's quite sticky. I got the project kit at the Bead & Button show a couple of weeks ago. I started it at the show, sitting in the lunch area, in a failed attempt to stop shopping.  It's pretty mindless and that's what I needed last week.

I also knit several rows on my lace shawl but it just looks like a tangled pile of wool.  It struck me how much an act of faith knitting a lace shawl really is. You can't see what you've done until it's all completed, bound off and blocked. Until then you just have to trust.  I can see the individual stitches and I count each section between markers on each row to catch any mistakes, but beyond that, I don't really know how I'm doing.

My sister-in-law (the knitter in a recent post) is knitting this pattern, too. Without markers or lifelines and in a more difficult (harder to see the individual stitches) yarn.  There's always something to aspire to.

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terryb said...

One of our chapter members taught a project in twining small ort baskets. The "twine" is waxed and the opinions of working with it vary from "it makes my hands feel so good" to "this feels really tacky." The ort baskets are cute though.