Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my turn

Boy, do I have show and tell! On Saturday our final Homewood Guild field trip was to the Bead 'n Button Show in Milwaukee. Chris was my partner in crime and we had way too much fun. I mostly bought kits--I think it's a great way to learn new things and try things out. And, boy, did I!

This was the first project I completed Sunday morning, a pearl and wire necklace. I'd seen them in stores and couldn't quite figure it out. Then, on to Steampunk style.
 A Christmas gift, done! Below is a tin charm, I put it back into the original package 'cause it's so cute. Glass Garden Beads.
These next two were from a St. Louis shop with great ideas, Lady Bug Beads.
 This last is a sample of "Viking Knitting" which is done on a stick-like tool. I got a pack of materials and a kit to give it a go. I made this sample in a short time, just to get some experience with the wire and how it works. It uses a lot of wire--this took about 32" and the finished piece of wire maybe an 1-1/2" long--and that's after being drawn (which makes it longer, smoother and even).

No housework got done this weekend. We (Hubby and I) did go on a fun Sunday excursion, though. More on that to come.  

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