Thursday, September 12, 2013

Green Bay

So, yesterday we loaded up the car for a pretty impromptu vacation to the north country. We decided on Thursday and planned on Friday, shopped on Saturday (we need to bring our own food for hubby's dietary restrictions), and organized on Sunday.
On the way up, we stopped at Harrington State Park for lunch at the beach.  This is the view from our seat on a park bench. The day was hazy but warm and not rainy. 
Here's Dolly, who came along this year, playing in the woods by the beach.
And Hubby warning me about an attack by a huge mosquito while I was trying to take his picture.
We finally found out motel (Days Inn) in Green Bay, we fixed dinner and settle in.  Today we were up early to visit the National Railroad Museum.  The day was predicted to be hot (it was) so we wanted to do outside activities early.
This is a sign on a car from a Gratitude Train sent to the U.S. by the French after WWII.  The U.S. sent a large train to France, but it amazes me that the French had the wherewithal to reciprocate. One lady said she didn't have anything to give so she impressed her fingerprints into the paint. 
We took a train ride around the museum grounds.
This is the interior in a Pullman Car that featured the story of Pullman Porters.
And we saw a really cool exhibit of Railroad China. I thought of embroidery designs when I saw these plates.

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