Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Vacation

We worked hard on this trip to break out of our usual patterns. I brought my knitting and my sketchbook, but no needlework. (I had it gathered and packed but decided to leave it home.)  We did not visit any needlework stores. We kept shopping to a minimum (and skipped the bookstores, too).  On our second day in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.), we visited waterfalls and drove from Munising to Grand Marais, about 50 miles.  The road was through the forest and sometimes along the shore of Lake Superior. It was curvy, twisty, hilly and we were generally the only ones on it--hubby loved driving it (although he wished he was in a sports car).
 This was taken from Miner's Castle overlook.  Eventually we walked out (and up) to an overlook just behind the "castle." It was a stretch for my walking but a lot of fun.
 Then we went to Munising Falls--an easy walk through mossy woods.
 The Pickle Barrel House Museum wasn't open in Grand Marais, but it was still pretty cool. It's been a tourist attraction since it was built in the 1920s for illustrator William Donahey as a summer home.
 He was the creator of the Teenie Weenies (who lived in a pickle barrel). Some are depicted on a barrel outside of the Pickel Barrel House.
On our way out of town Friday morning, we stopped at Wagner Falls.  In a bow to tourism, we stopped at Muldoon's Pasties and Gifts and I got a pastie for breakfast. It was really good, but huge and kept me full all day long (which was the point--they were brought to northern Michigan and Wisconsin by Welsh miners who needed hearty sustenance for working underground long hours).

On our way home we stopped in Appleton, Wisconsin over night so we could visit an exhibit Saturday morning on our way home. More on that next time...

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