Thursday, September 26, 2013

Japanese Embroidery

How to top an awesome vacation?  Take off more time for Japanese embroidery!  This one was a bit tough, though, because I was working around the studio classes.  So work, stitch 9-4, work, sleep, repeat. Worth every second!
 Here's a classroom scene on the first day. We set up in a local apartment.
Here's my Phase 2 Fan piece at the start.
 And here's the fan at the end.  Not a whole lot to show but I learned loads. 
 I worked mostly on the gold fan blade, which is slow. I learned I was couching too far apart and the row I completed was much nicer than my previous ones. I also learned the next step and how to complete it.  

I also planned and stitched one of the cords that go behind the fan, that read loop near the bottom, above. It's hard to see here but it's silk and metallic, metallic, and then the same silk and metallic.  Now I have a guide for the other cords.
 I also worked on the circle of gold at the base of the fan.  This photo shows me I need to ease one row in a bit better.  It shouldn't look raised.  And I worked on improving my tie-dye stitch in the top fan blade. I was following the book but nothing is better than having a teacher's guidance.  That little green leaf at the top right--that has to come out. I did it early on and it's all fuzzy and it's too puffy.  So, two steps forward, one step back as usual.
One of the students is showing her piece, adapted from a traditional design, to a visitor. We had several visitors come, which is great.  Our class was bigger than usual this year, with two new students.  I loved it. We had two new students so I got a good review of the basics. There were three pretty advanced students, so I could see what was coming. Another student near my level was working one step ahead of me. 

So now it's really back to work. Students are here, in orientation. Classes begin Monday. 


Jenny Woolf said...

So glad you are enjoying it so much Marjorie - a nice introduction to autumn.

Michelle said...

Oh wow, this is coming along beautifully. I love japanese embroidery, and often wish I lived somewhere that had classes - so I really enjoy reading your progress posts, thank you!