Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Last night was the Homewood Guild's first meeting of the year. I missed it because I'm up in Wisconsin, on vacation. This was my summer project. We were supposed to make baby bibs. I didn't. I made burp cloths. I'd planned to make them into bibs, but the new "rule" of no ties or strings by baby stymied me. I need to figure out another way to make the neck.
I have two recent splurges. Below was one. The second took these photos.  For ages I wanted a set of interchangeable circulars. I'd always hesitated--I have a bunch of needles already. But I began watching eBay auctions and won one. I haven't used them yet.
I'm using my Canon SureShot a lot--especially now that we're on vacation.  One of my first shots was this picture across the living room of Reggie and Jane, gifts from a friend.  I'll be happy with the new camera once I've figured it out.

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Jenny Woolf said...

I'm pleased to see Reggie and Jane looking so spry! Enjoy your vacation. I've got a letter half written to you.