Friday, August 15, 2008

August Take-It-Further

I haven't come very far with this. I'm still having lots of thoughts about balance and how to achieve it. I'm watching the Olympic gymnasts balance on a narrow beam (and leap and flip on it!) with admiration and awe. I have issues with vertigo and balance is a big deal for me physically as well as emotionally and just in general.

I made a Photoshop image of one of my ideas. I've discovered that after taking the Studio Journals class, now I keep asking "what if?" and am having trouble on settling on a design and getting down to work.

My image for the line--the fine line we all walk--is a cord wrapped with thread in rainbow colors. Now I'm thinking I might like to make the background fabric an inkblot on fabric rather than a plain solid. I'll post more as the idea evolves


jenny2write said...

I like the idea of the rainbow coloured beam. It's simple yet effective. There's a shop near here that used to sell ribbon in rainbow colours exactly like you have illustrated. I could see that on a red felt background.

terryb said...

Great idea, but instead of a wrapped cord, how about wrapping a flat shape to mimic the flatness of the balance beam. The mottled or designed background also sounds interesting--
as we thread our way through the chaos of the world.