Wednesday, August 27, 2008

more on biscornu and zoo

Some responses to comments: Biscornu aren't hard to do once you get your mind around it. I learned from a friend, World Embroideries. This site has links to finishing instructions including several biscornu tutorials: Thanks to everyone who has commented thus far; your names are added to the pool.

My husband used to go to Michigan City Zoo as a child. He's never mentioned an amusement park--I'll have to ask him. We began going together in the 70s, no amusement park by then. It is the place with the very cool clear plastic tube small children can crawl into and watch the otters underwater. We were interested to see that the otters tended to congregate by the tunnel when children were inside it.

I'm battling the side effects of a blood-pressure drug that as of Monday I'm no longer taking. I'm still pretty miserable and experiencing vertigo. Which is rather appropriate in an ironic sort of way since I used the extra down time to finish this month's TIF piece on balance. I have a photo and hope to get it up later on.

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