Thursday, October 8, 2009

Antique find and lovely butterflies

This is one of the two sweet needlethreaders Pat made for me. The other is exactly the same. It's tucked safely into the "pip." Pat said they are really easy and fun, but I'm not so sure. Crimps and I do not get along at all.
This past weekend we took advantage of a clear autumn day and went to a car show. It was fun to wander around the cars. Then we swung by one the few antique malls I'm aware of--there used to be dozens by us. This one is in Manteno, IL and I'm not sure of the name. I was carefully not seeing anything I wanted (car payment and all) but then I picked up this table cloth. I have never seen such exquisite drawn thread work. It's signed, too--extremely rare. If I remember right it's R.A. Tracy. It's a square table cloth, perhaps 40".
I was really torn but my sweetie said what we need to do is to limit ourselves to treasures--and this is definitely a treasure. There are other places we can cut--using the library more, not getting the odds and ends and bits we usually find. And that if I didn't get it for myself, then he'd get it for me. So we got it and I am very happy.


Judy S. said...

What a fabulous tablecloth you found, Marjorie. Nice of your DH to be an enabler; I'm lucky to have one of them also!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, to find a beautiful tablecloth with such wonderful workmanship.

Anonymous said...

that is a lovely tablecloth - what a find! and a homemade needlethreader - ingenious! i may have to try to make one. paula

jenny2write said...

Oh it is beautiful!