Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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This was family reunion weekend for us, too (see World Embroideries for another family's gathering). We drove down to Indianapolis for the event. Below are four generations!We had a nice drive--it was the perfect weekend for fall color and Indiana's highways tend to be tree-lined. It was just wonderful!

We had a bit of a surprise to learn the ring road around Indi was closed at the north end. This is (was) the only way we knew around town! We soon learned other ways and once we were out of Friday night rush hour traffic, we were fine.On the way back we stopped at an interesting car show. There were a lot of unusual British cars, like this three-wheeled one, that the owner was allowing people to sit in and drive.Not a lot of stitching done but I did manage to work some in--I kept my knitting in my purse and did a row here and a row there (Christmas gift), I brought the long and short stitch sampler along and made a little progress on that and on the pears.

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jenny2write said...

The three wheel car is an invalid carriage. I don't know about the technical details but I think it maybe has an electric motor. The 3 wheel car you should look out for is the Reliant Robin. There was something so very cool about those little cars! They had such an interesting "image".