Thursday, October 1, 2009

new car

This is kind of old news but we got this flier in the mail and the pictures were very much like our new car so I though I'd share. The scan isn't the greatest, sorry. My car is dark metallic brown (mocha bronze metallic, to be exact) not black, but other than that, this is it. The dash looks the same, with the wood grain. The seats are the same tan leather. In the shot of the back seat, see that little pull-down armrest in the middle? When pulled down it forms a perfect niche for Dolly to sit in. In the photo next to it, with the rear seats folded up, you can (just barely) see the hooks on the bottom of the seat to hold grocery bags.

My dealership is one of those shut down by GM, so I'm still quite annoyed with them. Every time I get a letter exhorting me to do this or that at my dealership, I think, yeah, and what do I do after next month? (they're closing October 31st). We bought the car knowing this, however, and my husband's a good mechanic with long ties to many area GM dealers, so we'll be fine. But I'm still crabby about it (maybe it's the season, but I've been crabby about a lot of things lately).

I'm happy, though, that we're still pleased with the car and still feeling that new car excitement. It was great on vacation and the good mileage was very nice (especially now that the vacation bills are rolling in!). My older car is feeling the competition, too--it's mileage has been better than usual recently (or that could just be the work my hubby just did on it, but I'm not so sure).

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