Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's back and working!

Right before we left on vacation, my husband picked up my repaired Viking 6460 sewing machine. I hadn't had a chance to get it out and use it until this weekend. It felt so very good! It seems to be working just fine and I'm very happy. The people at Northwest Indiana Sewing Center did a great job.

I wrote previously about getting it out last November to discover it would only sew backwards and about how my first attempt at repair early last year was a no-go. They said it was too expensive to make what would likely be an unreliable fix. So I did some new machine shopping, and, boy, are they tempting! But, still, I love my machine so I gave repair another go and NISC had no problems with it. They weren't cheap, but I'm happy to have my machine up and running. I'd completed the stitching on this crazy quilted stocking a while back. The finishing was my first project with the new machine. It went well. I also edged some aida cloth bookmarks with satin stitch--with metallic fiber in the bobbin. I thought that would be a good test and the materials were handy. I got out some fabrics and thick fusible interfacing and hope to make some fabric postcards as my next project. Then I need to dig out all those projects that were set aside or put away because they were machine based. Woo-hoo!


Cindy said...

That's awesome that you found a place that was able to fix your machine. I have an old Viking, too, and would hate to give it up.

Your CQ stocking is very nice!!

Jenny said...

So glad your trusted old friend, Mr. Machine, is back!

Mallory Donohue said...

It's so important to get your machine serviced regularly. I've seen so many customers be out of a machine in their time of need (Halloween, Christmas, right before a wedding).

Yay for excellent sewing machine techs!