Friday, November 13, 2009

Day Out with the Girls!

Yesterday I took a day off. It was an insane thing to do at this time (work is very busy) but much needed and it was a wonderful day. First I spent way too long at the allergy doctors, picking up new vials. Then it was on to fun!

I met my sister and s-i-l and we drove out to Sycamore, IL. Sycamore is a Very Pretty town and we really enjoyed looking at all of the really cool houses. (It's about 60 miles west of Chicago.)

We had lunch at the restaurant pictured above: Nat's on Maple. Very yummy "trendy comfort food." (I had Mahi-Mahi sauteed in a gingered broth with fresh vegetables and jasmine rice for my belated birthday lunch--it was all the better for the wait!)

Then we drove over to Tammy Tadd Designs. I was looking for fabrics for a purse I saw in a Japanese Quilting magazine (more on that another day). My sister was looking for fabrics for a new quilting project. My s-i-l was just looking. This shop has loads of fun fabrics. If you like to quilt but aren't into the classic dull colors, get on over to Tammy Tadd's--there's color everywhere. Before hitting the doctor's in the morning I ran into Trader Joe's for almond butter. They gave me a box of apples--they weren't selling so every customer that wanted one, got a box. I should have put something in the picture for scale. This is one Mammoth apple (probably why they weren't selling--they're waaay too big). It's at least a pound. When we got back to my sister's house, we sliced two up and made yummy baked apples with cinnamon, brown sugar, butter and nuts. Vanilla ice cream added the crowning touch. We spent the rest of the afternoon finishing projects. I worked on felting this reluctant-to-felt entrelac bag. It flattened out enough that I can finish it once it's dry. We measured (three times, I think) the placing of grommets on a shirt. They're all done now. I sewed the last button on a knitted vest and overcast a couple of buttonholes (made by s-i-l for her dad). I sewed handles on a knitted purse (also by s-i-l). I worked on an embroidered ornament of mine. My sister worked on some needlefelting and a fleece top. S-i-l stitched a couple of zippers into knitted garments. At the end of the day we all felt very accomplished and pleased. When she was getting her stuff out for finishing, my sister ran across this piece. I remember mom making it--it was a huge struggle for her to stitch on the velvet with the tiny beads. The note was tucked inside. Mom would really enjoy the sight of the three of us carrying on the family tradition of sitting around the table with our hand work.

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