Friday, November 20, 2009

A weekend at home at last!

Saturday's mail held a lovely surprise. We'd been out to the Indiana dunes to enjoy the rare warm and sunny day and this was in the mail box when we got home. One of Pat Winter's lovely Bliss Kits and beaded Dragonfly kits. Pat is so lovingly generous. I have just the project for these goodies, too. I found this pincushion tutorial over a year ago at Ivory Blush Roses. I love it and have collected the necessary CDs to use as the base. Now I have my central fabrics and color scheme (thank you, Pat!). I think this will make a wonderful pincushion.Can you believe it? Finally a finished project. Actually, I had two finishes last weekend but one's a Christmas gift that might be obvious if I showed it.Sunday dawned late and gray and it was chill. Indian Summer is over. We really enjoyed the sun and warmth last week and so did my herb pots. I went out Sunday and harvested sage, thyme, parsley and rosemary (shades of Simon and Garfunkel!) and the last few tomatoes. It's supposed to be chill and rainy this week. The herbs will mostly do well for a while longer but this just seemed the time to harvest.

I made up a couple of fragrant gift baggies for friends and then destemmed and froze the rest for us. This was the first time I'd grown thyme and I was quite pleased. Sometimes sage and rosemary will winter over, but mostly not. My hands smelled of thyme all evening--I really enjoyed it.

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Jenny Woolf said...

What nice pictures - I liked the misty Scottish looking colours of the central one.

While searching for something else I came across this Japanese embroidery blog I thought might interest you

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!