Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun Events

On Wednesday night we went to the opening for a show of art by a long-time friend. It is at Calumet College in Whiting, Indiana and features a series of posters for soaring safety and other aircraft and flight-related designs, posters and art. My hubby and the artist both went to Calumet college.

From model airplanes as a child to working for a company designing, planning and writing instructions for those big remote-control plane kits to becoming a pilot and most recently getting into soaring. He and his family live on an airfield. (well, not really on, but next door to one.) It was really interesting to see this lifelong passion and how it's played out through the years. (btw, his current job is involved with making McDonald's Happy Meals toys--how cool is that?)
This is my hubby, sporting a lumberjack look, catching up with another old college friend in the gallery.
And here's the artist, on the right, with his mentor and former teacher at the college. We were really pleased to see him--he had a very great impact on many of the students' lives, including my husband's.
And this if from today--two very good friends and I met for lunch and a mutual birthday celebration (two of our birthdays were a while back but one is tomorrow!) We don't take breaks like this from work often so it's a lovely treat. We had Thai food and great conversation.

Tomorrow I'm having another friends luncheon and then I get to tour Pat Winter's new Studio...I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you. Hope you have photos of your trip to Pat's Studio. Thanks for the photography tips. I retook the photo and it's much better.