Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ridiculous to Sublime

I got the kits for these wooly lock Christmas trees from Esther's Place. I sat outside on Halloween passing out candy and needlefelting the trees. My hubby thinks they look rather like a gnome on a bad hair day. They're, hmmmm, interesting. They were fun to do and a bit more difficult than they looked at first. Silly and fun.
I spent the morning today stitching on my Japanese Embroidery piece. (if you're in the Chicago area and studying JE, come join us. First Thursdays at the Hyde Park Art Center (9am-noon))

I'm never sure of the proper orientation for this piece (which is a paper wrapped bouquet of flowers). I started this summer at this point. So, the work done was over four half-days of study this summer and two First Thursday sessions. It is really wonderful to do and a great calming pause in the week. Life is good.

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Flowers said...

Wooly look of the Christmas tree looks great and I must appreciate your stitching skills on Japanese Embroidery piece. It really looks wonderful.