Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back stitching...

....slowly and carefully. In this photo the bear is nearly done. As of Monday it was completely done (huge sighs of relief!) I'll get a photo this weekend. I learned something.When I stitch cross stitch as I normally do, with a sewing motion, I have a lot more tension on my hands than when I stitch with a stab-stitch technique. You know, put the needle into the hole, pull it through, put the needle into the next hole, pull it up. Slower, but in it's favor, I've always heard it's neater. And much less hand tension means less pain and irritation. It also means a finished piece.When I wasn't stitching, I was back to reading and browsing. A good friend sent me this lovely book recently. No reading in this one, just inspiring line drawings. There's a companion book with British Crewel designs. These books are inexpensive and well worth the price for the great ready-to-go designs.

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Elizabeth Braun said...

Yup, the stab method is way better. It may mean twice as many needle strokes, but it prevents all that hard work of forcing teh needle almost around corners (if you're using a frame, that is), and/or pulling the piece out of shape, which I find happens all too easily with the sewing method.

Nice books!