Tuesday, March 9, 2010

forgot to take a picture

I finished the dreaded brown teddy bear but completely forgot to grab a pix of the beast. Drat!!Oh, well. It's done! Yay!Last night at Homewood Embroiderer's Guild, I won this prize. We're trying to be more ecologically conscious and use fewer disposables, so those who bring their own (hopefully embroidered) cup to meetings are allowed to put their name in to be drawn for a prize. Jane took pix of the cups and posted them here. The guild meeting was fun. We have one returning member (after a long hiatus) and one new member, which is great!

Mostly life is boring right now. There are signs of spring. Work is busier than ever. But I do have one fun project in the works. More on that tomorrow.


Alena said...

a very beautiful thing! I am sure your work was evn better!

Kathy said...

Congrats on winning the prize. And a cute design too. Love all the different cups. :)

Kim B said...

Cute prize!!

Jane said...

Marj, I got a picture of your teddy bear for show and tell. You can download it off my flickr site.