Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photoshop play

One of the comments from my recent Photoshop post had me playing with the full, uncropped circular plant design.I really disliked the red woodchips around the plant so I made them green. I used an extracted layer and various image adjustments.I think the darker background enhances the plant forms and shows off the circle. That's why I made the changes on an extracted layer. I can manipulate the two areas separately.Here I've played a bit with the color. While I think it highlights the tangle of stems, I'm not really thrilled with it. I like the burgundy hints.A different color view. I added in more shadows. It just looks rather dead to me--graveyard.I tried to keep the colors somewhat realistic until this one. I used three layers, one a black and white threshold-image and the others inverted. I think it shows off the circular shape nicely but I loose the impact of the leaves that I liked.For this very last one I used liquefy moving from a center point out--like tracing the hands of a clock. This feels much more stained glass to me but I can see a bargello embroidery pattern developing. Fun weekend play.

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Rachel said...

That last one would certainly make a good basis for a freeform surface embroidery or canvaswork. You are far more adept at image manipulation than I am!