Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More from Sunday's walk

One neighbor has huge boulders outlining the edge of his property. Their reddish, bluish grays, and ochre colors have inspired some of my color schemes over the years. After thirty years of walking by these rocks, we can see the changes time has wrought. Some are newer but many have been in place for the entire time.How's this for the "Wearin' o' the Green"? Another very mossy tree trunk. In spring the moss gets very bright and very dimensional--wee little forests. I always appreciated that St. Patrick's Day comes in the spring when the world seems to don green in his honor.This twig below attracted more lichen than moss.This is more of an autumn image, but I just loved the way the leaf sat over the border of the concrete walk and the grass. It was in perfect position. It's surprising to me how little the leaves deteriorated over the winter. Especially the oak leaves are just like the were when they fell from the tree. Makes me think twice about other less-natural discards. If leaves take this long to decay, what about plastic?


Kim B said...

Love those pics!

Kathy said...

Fabulous photos!